From the previous post, you will understand that the performance and safety of your psp game device depends on the sources of your game downloads. If you download from unscreened game download sites, you are prone to attack by spywares,malwares,viruses,and registry destroying tags, which will finally ground your game devices.

On the same ground, PS wall paper also plays a role in the speed of and fastness of the game while playing it on your device. This because, the wall paper can either harbour a threat such as spywares,malwares,adwares,viruses etc.. and thereby destroying your gameing console devices. The psp wallpaper can also slow and slurr the game. i.e makes the game very sluggish and boring to play. When this happens, the psp game devices will start developing one fault to another leading to its death.

From our monthly screening exercise on the internet/online shops,of a truth, we have only found one wallpaper site for safe downloads .i.e one psp wallpaper site for downloads that can either speed up your game speed as well as protecting your device from the penetration of spywares,adwares..etc.

The Wallpaper site is THIS and we will keep screening for more updates to help in protecting you and your gaming console/devices.

We strongly advice and recommend that you begin some downloads from this wallpaper site to replace your previvously unscreened downloads, this will save the life of your hame device,psp,ps,ps2,ps3,ps4...

Cheers !!!


Playstation has become one of the most widely used and enjoyed handheld digital game device. The main challenge to the full enjoyment of this device has been that of downloads. Most games download sites are much loaded with spywares,adwares and malwares that end posing security threat to the game device and the game owner/user. These spywares, adwares,viruses and malwares usually most of the cases end up destroying the game device, thereby prompting the user to start spending extra money on looking for repairs and troubleshooting for faults that would have ordinarily be averted.

As a responsible research group, we have swing into action and start screening PS game download sites to provide our numerous readers and blog followers on ways of avoiding these errors and thereby enjoying the gaming experience and their game devices to its fullest.

For the last three months, we have screened the following sites and found it very very safe for any downloads at any time, and hence poses no threat to either you or your psp game devices. We strongly recommend that you start now to build you new gamelist from any of the sites below or by their combination. This is to save the life of your PSP/PS/PS2/PS3, and even xbox 360. We will make sure that we keep screening these sites and others so that you can now start to know safe download sites for your maximum satisfaction and hassle free ps gaming experience. This is based on our experience in the software industry and the gaming console industry as well.

Then safety first , roll over the sites below, register, download, play, enjoy, send to family and friends, they have all been certified safe by our inhouse software engineers

1. The New PS website HERE..

2. PS Game downlods store: HERE...

3.PS world downloads HERE...

4. Ps Movie downloadsite: HERE...

6. More sites will soon be screened and released.... keep checking !!!

If you have ever searched widely on the internet for your games download, then here is a wor of caution, you may get your game device spoilt by loading them withem spywares,adwares,malwares,viruses and registry error creating tags that usually fooloww unscreened games. Hence we advice you stick to our expertise advice and play safe HERE

Such searches on the internet that usually loads the rubbish into your game devices/PSP/PS/PS2/PS3/PS4/Xbox 360 are as listed below, million of game users who do not usually know end up being a victim, and then send their game devices to us for repairs or to other stores and thereby losing their hard earned money.

The searches and the search phrases that load up many spywares are listed below:
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