PS3 Games Review: Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

For all football fans, games such as Pro Evolution Soccer have given us the chance to play as our favourite team and take on the rest of the world. A new version has been released each year since its introduction to the market in 1998, and each time the graphics and special effects never let us down.

This year’s version is no different with extra special add-ons designed to make the game play even more realistic. The first, and most notable, is the deal they have with the Champions League. The game now has a fully licensed tournament complete with the traditional theme tune.

Looking a bit more into the game play, it is obvious that Konami (the makers) have put a bit more thought into special effects. It is the small details that make it a great game, for example, if it is raining you have to make sure your passes have more weight behind them or else they will not reach their target.

The other major addition to the game is the inclusion of “Become a Legend”. This is where you start as 17 year old that has just turned professional and trying to make it in the game. You only control your player during matches, which at first is strange for those who have played the game for a while. This means you have to make your own runs and get yourself in a position to score that all important goal.

The only quarrel that many people have with the Pro Evolution series is they only have the rights to have the official data for 2 teams, this changes each year and this year it is Manchester United and Liverpool. All the other teams have nicknames based on their geographical location.
Those looking to buy the game on the PS2 need to be aware that this does not have the Champions league on and due to the PS2 you do not get the full effect of the graphics.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 is a great present for football fans this Christmas. Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 one of the best football games ever, it is available on the PS3 and Xbox 360 where you can find the best deals online.
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