The Answer To 2.8 Downgrade PSP...William Reed

This year the PSP has been booming and is probably one of the most sought after and popular items. Almost every gamer on the planet wants one, not surprisingly, since the PSP is probably the best portable gaming station today, especially for its impressive graphics, sound and almost unlimited possibilities.
But your PSP can also be a headache. If you upgraded your PSP or have recently bought one, your firmware version will surely give compatibility problems. I bet many of your games and movies are not playing right or maybe not even playing at all! Didn't you buy your PSP to enjoy games and movies after all?
Fact is, high firmware versions equals compatibility trouble for most PSP users. Certainly, after purchasing a device that costs a couple hundred dollars, this is not the way things should work!Compatibility problems will make you want to throw your PSP device away or simply forget about it. Following a 2.8 Downgrade PSP guide or video tutorial, you will be able to 2.8 downgrade PSP devices back to their original state, and your headache will be gone for once and for all!
Certainly, upgrading is not the best thing one can do with a PSP. One thinks it will be an upgrade, but it really is not. Many games will not work again, and you will get tired of trying and looking for information.
After following simple instructions for 2.8 Downgrade PSP, any PSP can be brought back to it's original state and saved from landing in the garbage can! It can also be re-upgraded and downgraded as many times as you wish in less than 10 minutes. Gain Access and take Action Here !!!

William Reed owns an independent telesrvices company in St Louis MO and is also a part-time video game tester. []AVOID THROWING YOUR PSP IN THE GARBAGE 2.8 DOWNGRADE PSP BY CLICKING HERE!