PSP Blender - Review...Tucker Minolta

I was kind of skeptical when I first saw sites that offered downloadable PSP games. I didn't realize PSP games could even be downloaded off the internet. I started to research and see if these sites were legit. I found lots of sites offering the latest in games, movies, or music, but turned out to only have gear that was old and out of date. Which was great if you like playing antiques like Madden '99 or Whack-a-mole. I came across PSP Blender which offered the same promises as the other sites, but after visiting PSP Blender I knew this was a site worth my time. It works like this:

You go to PSP Blender

Find the movies, gear, or games you like

Download them from the site

Then upload them to your PSP

PSP Blender was the first site I came across that actually had games I wanted to play like:

1) Madden '08

2) 300: March to Glory

3) Tomb Raider: Anniversary

4) Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters

Just to name a few. PSP Blender also offers Music, Movies & TV Shows, PSP Software, Wallpapers, Game Cheats, and Game Reviews.

Music: PSP Blender's music ranges anywhere from Plain White T's - Sean Kingston

Movies: Top movies such as: Transformers, The Bourne Ultimatum, and Superbad

If you still think it is too good to be true, that you could actually download the latest PSP Music, Movies, Games, and TV Shows directly to your PSP from one site. Check it out: PSP Blender and get a new outlook on PSP technology.