3 Easy Steps to Setting Up PSP Internet...James Rines

Most people use the PSP to enjoy gaming pleasure and interactive media like viewing photos, videos and listening to music. Well there are things that you didn't know about what the PSP can really do. Yes, one of them is getting yourself to the internet on PSP.

Although PSP does not have a keyboard, it uses typing word per word. It may feel uncomfortable or troublesome at first, but as you are use to it, it'll be as easy as sending message on a mobile phone. Now there are portable keyboard which uses USB to connect to your PSP.

Here's the 3 steps to setting up PSP to the internet:

Enable Wi-Fi Connectivity: You can find the Wi-Fi at the left (Fat PSP) or on top (PSP 2000) of your PSP. A Wi-Fi enables device such as the PSP to connect to the internet within range of a wireless network. In order to gain access to the internet, you need to go to a place where there is Wi-Fi hotspot such as restaurants, hotels, airports, library or even your own home. Take note that Wi-Fi network have a maximum range of a few thousand feet.

Network Setup: Go to the network setting and select infrastructure mode. Create a new connection and enter your desired connection name. After typing your name, in the WLAN settings select 'scan' and choose your Wi-Fi network SSID from available list of network. Enter Wi-Fi security settings if applicable then confirm your settings and test your connection.

Open Internet Browser: After you have tested your connection and succeeded, go back to the main menu and head down to the internet browser on your PSP and you're ready to surf.

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