How to use the PSP Store

Download content without the need of a PlayStation 3

Sony's newly launched PSP Store, enables owners of Sony's handheld to purchase and download games, trailers, demos and more.

Previously the service was only available through the PlayStation 3 but this latest version introduces the possibility of access to content via your PC.

After the service's arrival, a number of readers got in touch enquiring about how to use the site. We obviously aim to please here at Pocket Gamer, so for them (and anyone else who was too shy to ask), we walk you through the steps involved below. It's all quick, straightforward stuff, as you'll see.

Create PlayStation Network account

While you can browse the PSP Store at any time, you won't be able to access any of its content without logging in. And you won't be able to do that if you don't have a PlayStation Network account. So you'll need to create and verify such a PSN account.

Fear not, this can be achieved here.

Set up the PSN Downloader

Download the PlayStation Network Downloader. This enables you to pull content straight onto a PSP connected to your PC. It's available here.

Once it has downloaded, install the software on your PC. Note that the installation wizard can take a solid 15 minutes on Vista.

Access the PSN Store

Once you've created an account, you're ready to access the new PlayStation Store.

1. Open in your browser of choice.
2. Select your region.
3. Click sign in and enter your PSN account details, as set up in Stage 01.
4. Ensure you have a Memory Stick in your PSP.
5. Connect your PSP to your PC via a USB Cable, it should appear as a drive on your PC.
6. Select Settings USB Connection on the PSP.

Make a purchase

You can now download a product from the store to your PSP.

1. Select a product.
2. Click Download.
3. A download window opens; select 'Open with PlayStation Network Downloader'.

Download content
The PlayStation Network Downloader automatically opens and downloads the content to your PSP. A progress bar is provided and you're informed when it is complete.

Play game on your PSP

You can now disconnect the PSP and play your purchase:

1. Press Circle to exit the Settings USB Connection screen.
2. Select Game Memory Stick and press X.
3. Browse to and start your purchased game.

It's that easy. Obviously this is the same procedure regardless of the content you wish to obtain from the PSP Store.


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