Disc read errors stink, but they are not the end of your PSP.
Here are some things you can do about them, rather than running out and buying a new PS2.
Disc read errors are usually caused by three things:
1) A dirty or worn out laser gear. If you hear a clicking-cracking or grinding type noise when you hit eject on your drive, or while a game is playing, chances are your laser gear is either worn out or just dirty. If you feel comfortable opening your unit, the laser gear is in the picture above (top left) CIRCLED IN GREEN. Try removing it and cleaning it.
If that does not work, I recomend you go for sell laser gear Laser gear replacements sourced online via here on I advise you look out for shops that offer you the part, installation, and return shipping of the unit back to you.
2) A dirty laser can cause disc read errors. If you live in a smoking household or the PS2 is kept in a dusty room, a buildup can form on the laser causing your disc read errors. If you are comfortable opening your Playstation 2, you can try cleaning the laser CAREFULLY with a qtip and some rubbing alcohol. Dampen the swab in the alcohol [make sure it's not too wet] and gently clean the laser in a circular motion. Use the dry side of the swab to then dry the laser off in the same motion. Try loading up your games again and see what happens. If you do not feel comfortable opening your PS2, you can follow online shop services as mentioned in 1 above.
3) Finally, a failing or failed laser can be the cause of your disc read error. You have two choices with this one. You can purchase a laser and if you feel up to doing it yourself, install it yourself or you can check out with online repair services especially ones with warranty that can win your trust.
If you'd like to give diagnosing and repairing your own PS2 a shot, hit HERE to purchase a PS2 Troubleshoot and Repair guide , or check out the detailed guides on the PSP Brainbox section on the right column.