Xbox 360 Repair Guides - Pros and Cons

Xbox 360 repair guides are quite popular and there are certainly some very good reasons for this state of affairs. The most obvious reason is that they empower the Xbox 360 users to repair their consoles at lower prices than what Microsoft would charge. But popularity doesn't always mean quality. There are many Xbox 360 repair guides on the market and sadly some are pure scam, made just to make the users pay for a value they will never get.
In such a situation, how do you know what to choose?
It's really hard to say. Any good buy is a result of several factors including your trust in the brand, your ability to check the quality, other buyers' recommendations, user reviews and to a certain degree instinct. As most of the Xbox 360 repair guides don't come with a "search inside" feature, you'll have either to trust your instinct or to do an online research to see what type of literature you can find online - with the help of the search engines - related to the book you want to purchase.
When the search engines are of no help you can always visit an Xbox 360 forum and ask other users. But be careful as among the people answering your question there might be, disguised as innocent users, those who try to sell you the repair guide in the first page.
What can actually go wrong with an Xbox 360 repair guide? You pay for something that in the end turns out to be a rewording of the already famous towel trick.
How can you tell a scammer from an honest seller? Although it is not simple you have to do almost the same things you do when you buy everything else. Check out the seller and customer support, see if there is any refund policy, make sure that they use secure payment options, read the disclaimer and based on the title on the book check out its popularity. If any of these things are missing you can start asking yourself why. Make a big question mark on that book and don't buy it.
Alexander Thompson is an expert on hardware and software within the games industry.
View his recommended Xbox 360 repair guide by clicking on the link below: []Xbox 360 Repair
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