Playstation Portables -- not just for Windows any more...Irem Bright

More than 4 years after the production of unique sync solutions for the Mac, people were still a bit confused about the whole stuff.

Only now users ask, "What Mac user would want a PSP?"

And just as before, the answer is: All of them!The Playstation Portable (PSP) is a revolutionary step forward for serious gamers and the Mac is the best computing platform.

Why not have the best of both worlds? That's the reason behind the creation of PocketMac For PSP, the original Mac-To-PSP Sync Solution...

Now you can sync your Playstation Portable with your Mac. PocketMac For PSP is the first program to allow Mac users to sync their contacts, music & photos from their Mac to their PSP. And it's fully integrated with iSync as well PocketMac For PSP means you'll never need a Windows-based PC to sync your crucial data with your PSP and you'll be able to do things with your PSP that PC users just can't.

For examples, with every copy of PocketMac for PSP, there is a patent-pending technology that allows for your contacts to be transported to your PSP, a device with no built-in functionality for handling contacts. And this is a feature that's not available on the PC.

PocketMac For PSP takes care of everything for you. Install the software on your Mac in 3 minutes, hook up your PSP via USB or via the Memory Stick that comes with your PSP in a memory stick reader.

Configure which options you want enabled (Contacts, Music, Photo, etc.), connect your PSP to your Mac and start the sync. That's all that's required. That's literally it.

Best of all, it costs less than a discounted DVD!And, PocketMac For PSP is a push-sync system, allowing you to push data to the PSP every time you sync. And it's fast--it's built with the same industry-leading technology that made other PocketMac products the best sellers they are today.

What's more, it's safe for your data. This software has been written, tested, re-written, re-tested and then tested again for 4 solid months to make sure your data is being routed perfectly! And now it's ready to run on your Mac!

If you have a PSP and a Mac, PocketMac For PSP is the perfect tool for you! I know you'll love the ease and power of this software.

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3 ("Panther") & 10.4 ("Tiger") Playstation Portable (System Software: 1.0, 2.0 Fully Supported) 10MB free disk space on your Mac. 1 Available USB Port Or Memory Stick Reader
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