Do All Xbox 360 Consoles Eventually Develop The 3 Red Lights Error?

The Xbox 360 has been plagued with problems since their release, and the most serious of those has been the 3 red light error signaling a general hardware failure. Microsoft originally claimed that only about an industry standard 5-6 percent of consoles were affected. However, most experts agree that up to one third of all early units were affected.
Microsoft has never released any updated numbers, as one would expect, but evidence suggests that the 30 percent number is much closer to being correct. Given the number of authorized service centers that stopped accepting these hardware failures, it is fairly evident that the problem is much more severe than originally advertised. Also, Microsoft extended the 3 year warranty for early units, which they would never have done unless there were a significant segment of the market affected.
If you are wondering if your system may develop this 3 red light error, there is no way to know for sure. However, since part of the problem in development was airflow through the case and especially where case dimensions were not sufficient, then it is highly likely that many more systems will be affected down the road. Since overheating is always a problem in older electronic and particularly PC type devices, you would be well advised to perform routine cleaning and maintenance on your system.
There are many good repair and maintenance manuals and kits on the market for these systems, and while they are not solutions for every problem, they might help prolong the life of marginal systems. In the end, every Xbox 360 produced under the original standards may be affected, if not directly, then because of these design flaws and their effect on longevity. It is a shame that such a desirable and well made system has flaws of this magnitude. The best precaution a user can take is to read up on the system and how to best take care of it. Also, weigh the value of any online "fix" versus the cost of the system and the potential for loss or gain.
In the end, there are solutions to be had, just be informed and choose smartly.
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