Would you like to be able to watch a DVD on your iPod, PSP or mobile phone without doing anything very technical and for free? Movie2X DVD Ripper is a simple to use DVD conversion program that allows you to convert a regular or protected DVD into the most popular video formats, such as AVI, MP4, PSP and more.

It also lets you convert between formats, i.e. AVI to MP4, MOV to MPG, etc.

The software supports the iPod, PSP, Mobile Phone, Archos, Microsoft Zune, and Creative Zen formats.

The interface is easy for beginners, but has lots of options and preferences for advanced users also, such as the bit rate, frame rate, sample rate, etc. It also supports other formats such as xVid, DIVx, and H263 (high-definition).

I really like this program because it supports some of the more advanced features of DVD’s, such as the higher quality audio codecs, subtitles, and different angles.

It also includes a DVD/Video player to preview files. You can also change the video aspect, so if the DVD is wide screen, but you’re going to watch it on your iPod, you can convert the DVD into the regular 4:3 aspect ratio.

Also, converting a full DVD might be become too large for your mobile device, so you have two options, either convert only a portion of the film or split the outputted file into multiple files.

You can also take out the audio and video separately since the streams are processed individually. There are also other cool features like the ability to offset the subtitles or change the color of the subtitles.

Once you’ve installed the software, simply pop in your DVD, and either go to File and choose Add DVD, or click on the DVD button underneath the white text box.

The program will read the DVD and display the title and chapter information. You can choose which titles you want to convert. This is good because you can uncheck all of the really short chapters, which are probably previews or interviews, etc.

Next, you want to choose the “Profile” or what you want the DVD to be converted into. You can also choose the zoom options: Keep Aspect, Medium, Letterbox, and Pan and Scan. Type in a name for your file and if you want to split the files, you can choose from 650 MB, 700 MB, 800 MB CD, 4.7 GB DVD, or a custom size.

Choose the output folder and click Convert! The amount of time it takes to convert will depend on what files type you are converting to and the speed of your computer’s processor. Make sure you have enough free space on the destination drive before converting.

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