PSP Update - It Always Pays To Update Your PSP, Or Doesn't It?...S Andrew

The PSP is an amazing piece of kit, you get great games you play on the move. but are you still carrying around your games on UMD disc's.

Well there is an alternative way to play your games and that is to store them on your memory stick and what that allows you to do is download games to your computer and transfer them straight on to the memory stick.

Ok so where do you start, well first of you need a decent sized memory stick, I would always go for at leastý 1GB but if your strapped for cash a 258MB will do.

Now the next thing you need to look at is the Firmware version of your PSP it needs to be 1.5 or less to play games this way. but there is no need to panic because you can always downgrade your PSP to this Firmware (and by the way it does no harm to your PSP, it just stops the money grabbing game makers from charging you a fortune for games).

So with your Firmware set and a memory card in your PSP all you need to do is download games to your computer (Mac or PC). plug in your PSP to your computer using the mini USB socket and drag and drop games across.

If you are worried about downgrading you PSP there are some helpful tutorials and even the software to download 1000's of games. Just do a google search for 'how to downgrade PSP' and you will soon be able to download games, music, themes, backgrounds and even TV shows.

Right so step by step hers what to do.

Step 1

Copy your PSP game file to the correct path, if you don't do this the games simply will not work. The correct path is PSP>GAME ( all folder names are in capitals)

Step 2

When the PSP games are transfered to your memory stick disconnect the PSP from your computer, then on the PSP in the main menu scroll to GAME and then select memory stick option. Press X and the list of games on the memory stick will be displayed. If you do have any errors I would recheck your Firmware (do not worry its easy to do).

More and more people are downloading games to there computer. For the price of 2 large pizza's you can get access to every PSP game available, but not only that they have all the software you need to downgrade your PSP Firmware should you need to.