How to get wallpaper onto your PSP: ...IREM BRIGHT

1. Connect your PSP or Memory Stick Pro Duo to your PC. (If using a USB Cable, plug it into your PSP, boot up your PSP, then go to Settings, and scroll down to USB Connection)

2. Go to My Computer -> Open the new Removable Disk that has appeared. (If you are using a Mac the memory stick will appear on your desktop!)

3. Create a folder named “PSP”, inside that folder make a new folder named “PHOTO”.

4. Now take the PSP wallpapers you have downloaded and transfer them into the “PHOTO” folder.

Setting wallpaper on your Sony PSP:

1. In the PSP Main Menu go to “Photo” and click on the Memory Stick.

2. Now you will see you image.

Select and open the image you would like to use.

3. Press the “Triangle” button and then go to “Set as Wallpaper” button and click it.

4. It will ask you if you would like to set as wallpaper or overwrite current wallpaper. Click “Yes”.5. Now go back to your PSP Main Menu and you should have the new custom wallpaper as your background. Enjoy!