Do you watch YouTube videos? Do you wish you could somehow save these video’s to watch at your leisure or share with others?

Do you want to download these YouTube clips to your iPod, PSP or mobile phone? Yes?

Well up until recently, to download a YouTube video you needed a ‘paid for’ software package. Now there is a freeware converter tool readily available for download that does just the job.

It is called the Free YouTube to iPod Converter and it does all this for you in 3 quick and easy steps;

1) Launch an Internet browser session for YouTube and navigate to the video clip you want. Copy the URL link address of the video.

2) Launch Free YouTube to iPod Converter and paste the URL link address of the video file into the ‘Input video file or YouTube URL containing video’ field.

3) Choose the destination location for the ‘Output file’ to be created and click ‘Download & Convert’. That’s it! The video will be converted.

The input URL picks up the location of the video on YouTube, the converter software then picks up the FLV formatted YouTube file, downloads it to specified output file and converts it to the required MP4 format.

It is then a case of just locating the file on your computer and dragging/dropping it into your media device. The whole process only takes a couple of minutes, even to download the longest YouTube clips and you will have MP4 format video ready for uploading to your media device or mobile phone.

You can change the settings for the download so that the conversion is in iPod, PSP, mobile phone or MP3 audio format, and there are 4 presets to set the quality of the video – Highest, High, Standard and Economy.

In my experience I always use the Highest or High settings. Even if you are so short of memory that you are thinking of reverting back to floppy’s, you still will not need to reduce the quality of your download to Standard or Economy as the files are never that big. For information, the default setting is for iPod conversion.

Note: This program is Freeware and contains no Spyware or Adware.

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