Sony PSP - Downloading From ITunes...Lee B

Uploading music, movies and tv shows to your Sony PSP, is now even easier, thanks to Apple ITunes. With ITunes you can now download great entertainment including brand new release DVD's and hot tv shows like Lost, House and Desperate Housewives.

ITunes has just launched the movie and tv download service in the United Kingdom. Music downloads were previously the only type of media files available for the UK market, but with this new service you can now download and then upload brand new releases straight to your PSP. You can also rent movies and tv shows from ITunes, but to keep them and upload the files to your PSP, you must purchase them with prices varying depending on the type of entertainment you purchase.

Uploading the files to your PSP is very easy. With the new 4.01 upgrade for the PSP, it's very easy to transfer media files to the memory stick duo card of your Playstation. The new upgrade changes the folders on the memory stick to simple names like Video, Music and Photos. You simply have to copy and paste the files from your pc folder that contains the ITunes media files, over to the Video folder of your PSP. When you now click on the video folder inside your PSP, the video files will be their. It's also better to change the names of your media files, this will make it easier, when files are transferred to the PSP, it's not possible to change the names.

Please remember that the ITunes program is free, legal, very easy to use, and contains some of the latest release movies music and tv shows. Downloading media files from other websites can be illegal, and with some of the internet service providers cracking down on illegal downloads, the chances of being caught are getting increasingly higher.

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