You have a new shiny slim PSP and you have a bunch of movies that you want to watch on it.

Now the question we need to solve is how are we going to play our video files with a PSP? With the freeware PSP Video Converter you can convert VOB, IFO, DAT, MOV, AVI, MPEG, MPEG4, 3GPP, 3GPP2, WMV, ASF video formats to PSP.

If you don’t have it yet, download it and install on your computer.

Open PSP Video Converter, click Add to choose the movie file you want to convert and click Open.

You should see the file under the list of File Name area. Then, choose which type of output format you want to create. In this example just choose the default PSP Normal Quality which is a 480 by 272 pixel mp4 format file.

One rule of thumb when choosing which format to use is that the higher the quality the higher the number of pixels and the higher the file size.

Put into consideration that a wide screen quality movie with 640 X 480 takes more disk space than a 480 X 272 movie.

If you want higher definition and you can afford the space, go for a wide screen format.

After that, click the Convert button to start converting your file:

There are a couple of things worth looking at here. First is the Output Directory which defaults to C:\Program Files\PSP Video Converter\Videos – this is where your converted video files will be saved after the conversion.

The Progress value indicates how much of the video is already converted.

After you are done, move the output mp4 file into your PSP memory stick.

Attach your PSP to your computer via the USB port or get the memory stick and plug it in your memory card reader. Depending on your PSP version, you will put the file on the VIDEO folder of PSP/VIDEO folder.

To check what version your PSP has follow this simple steps:

1. Open your PSP and go to the setting tab

2. Move down until you get to the system settings

3. Hit X button, then move down to the system information (this should show the firmware version)

Now to play the video, just disconnect your PSP to your computer’s USB. Power up your PSP, go to the video tab then all of your videos will appear. Choose and enjoy the video and it should play without a problem.

As mentioned, you can convert your existing DVDs and VCDs to the PSP format. Just be patient as it could take a long time to convert movies depending on the size of the movie and the spec of your computer.

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