Xbox 360 Three Red Lights Cause and Repair...James Philpson

Since its release over two years ago it has been estimated that at least one third of all Xbox 360 consoles will be affected by the red light error problem. Today you are going to learn about Xbox 360 three red lights, causes of it and methods of repair.

So, what has caused the three red lights error on your Xbox 360?

There are two major causes of the "red ring of death" on the Xbox 360. The first one is due to overheating, because of inadequate cooling devices inside the case. Essentially there is too much heat in too small of an area. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that the Xbox 360 is essentially a powerful computer that has been placed in a much smaller case, with far fewer cooling devices such as fans or heatskinks. Most cases of the red light problem appear to be caused by this, however, there is another fairly common reason behind it.

General hardware failures can be caused by problems such as a loose graphics processing unit, processor or memory chips. Unlike the overheating error, this cause of the three red lights problem does not give any prior warning. One day your console can be working fine, the next it can stop functioning completely apart from the ominous red lights on the front of it.

Is it possible to fix the three red lights error?

Yes, and it you can do it without having to purchase a new console or send your current faulty one back to Microsoft, However, you will need to buy an Xbox 360 repair guide in order to determine the exact cause and repair method required in your specific case. They can be found online from a number of websites. Here's what to look for when buying an Xbox 360 repair guide

1. A price of less than $40

2. Secure payment processing (PayPal etc)

3. A minimum 30-day money back guarantee.

4. High quality video and audio files.

5. Customer testimonials on the product information page.

By using a repair guide which fulfills all of the above criteria, your will be able to carry out your own Xbox 360 three red lights repair, in a small amount of time (around 1-2 hours) and using only basic tools.

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